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Lifting Chamber Baler

Model No.︰SVBT2-L1
Brand Name︰Sinobaler
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

The lifting chamber baler (sometimes called clothes baler) is specifically built to meet the baling demands of the textile recycling industry. It is an ideal choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothes recycling facility, second-hand clothing stores / dealers, clothing exporters, and wiping rag graders.

Lifting chamber balers are very simple to operate – the lifting chamber makes tying and wrapping bales simpler. All you need to do is press a button, and the chamber will be lifted automatically before strapping / tying.

In regards of press force, our standard lifting chamber balers range from 30tons to 80tons. The size and weight of the bales can vary depending on the model, ensuring that any size / scale business can find a machine that suits their needs. From a small shop with a single person operating the machine to a larger corporation with a recycling crew, these lifting chamber balers will fit the bill.

Baling Application: second-hand clothes, towels, used shoes, used clothing, rags, textile fiber, yarns and other textile waste.

Choose from our various models below, or contact us for a customized baling solution.



Lifting Chamber Door

for easy operation and promoting work efficiency (simply press a button and the chamber will be lifted automatically before strapping) 

Cross Strapping

for making tighter and tidier bales. 

Availability for Bale Wrapping

Either plastic bags or sheets can be used as the wrapping material, protecting the textile material from getting damp or stained

Adjustable Bale Height
for achieving various bale size and weight 

Electric Controlled
For easy operation, simply by operating on buttons and switches to fulfill platen and chamber moving.

CE compliance

For more details and demo video, please visit Sinobaler webpage http://www.sinobaler.com/baler/lifting-chamber-baler-textile-baler-series1/

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