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Tyre Baler

Model No.︰SVB2-TB
Brand Name︰Sinobaler
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Tyre baler from Sinobaler is a heavy-duty vertical baling machine used for compacting material with high rebound force into dense bales (What do we mean by “high rebound” material? Exactly what you think we mean – tyres. In short, baling tyres requires a baling machine that is strong enough to offset the rebound properties of the rubber that makes up these items). These tyre bales are then converted into a comparatively new construction material used for oil refining, road foundations, lightweight embankment filler, drainage layers, landscaping initiatives and other civil engineering applications.

Tyre baler is a must-have piece of recycling equipment for tyre dealers and tire-recycling facilities – this is because this vertical baler saves storage space and increases your revenue, and also because it increases the efficiency and size of your recycled loads. With our equipment  (let’s take model SVB2-TB-1000 Standard as an example), it takes 9 strokes to produce one bale containing approx. 120-140 car tyres in a 12:1 compressing ratio and weighing up to 1000kgs (2200lbs). That’s efficient.

To meet the demand of some clients who are looking for longer lifespan and higher operation efficiency, we have optimized models for your options, which are with upgraded hydraulic system and machine structure.

Baling Application: car tyres, ligh truck tyres, and heavy truck tyres.

Choose from our existing models or contact us for customized models today to meet your specific baling demands.


This optimized Tire baler (tyre baler) from Sinobaler is a heavy-duty vertical baling machine used for compacting material with high rebound force such as recycled tires into dense bales. These bales are then used to create a wide variety of materials for construction projects, sound dampening products, oil refining etc.

This machine is similar to our standard heavy duty tire baler, but has an upgraded hydraulic system and cooling capacity. And because it’s a vertical baler, it saves space, making it ideal for any tire manufacturer, recycler, or similar.

In terms of bale size and efficiency, it takes 7 strokes to produce one bale containing 120 car tyres, 12:1 compressing ratio and weighing up to 2640lbs and 60*30*up to 51inches in size (you can also adjust the bale height) .

Baling Application: car tires, truck tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires etc.

Choose from our optimized tire baler models below or contact us for a customized tyre baling solution.



Chain Bale Ejector

for easy and efficient bale ejecting with the lifting up of the chain 


Two Split Platens with Movable Link

protects the platens from being distorted under the situation of uneven material loading.


Retractable Retainer Claws

prevents the compacted tyres from springing back


Hydraulic-driven Chamber Doors

ensures operational safety and easy opening & closing


Front & Back Chamber Doors

for convenient strapping and bale ejecting


More features for optimized models:

Industry Leading Cycle Times 35 seconds
for superior productivity


Dual Inlet and Outlet Oil Filtration

for double protection and trouble free oil flow, prolonging the life span of the machine.

Sustained air-cooling for a High-Fidelity Hydraulics

With oil viscosity maintained at optimal levels, this energy efficient air-cooling system protects the hydraulic system from premature fatiguing. Less wear on the seals and rings means tighter bales.

For more details and demo video, please visit Sinobaler webpage http://www.sinobaler.com/baler/tyre-balers-series2/

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